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2020 has brought unprecedented challenges for singers. In response, Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd. has established the inaugural ASC @ Home Competition for singers over the age of 18 from around the world affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

ASC@Home is run entirely online and supports stay-at-home measures in force around the world by requiring all entries to be recorded in a home environment by a solo singer.
To help as many people to get involved as possible, and to provide no barrier for any talented singer to enter, there is no entry fee, nor any charge to vote in the Competition. You must be aged 18+ to enter ASC@Home.
Singers simply fill out an entry form, record a video entry and share it on YouTube. It doesn't have to be professionally recorded or made in a fabulous setting, the idea is to just do your best and have fun.
All entries will be judged by an internationally-renowned industry professional who will choose the winner in their category.
Cash prizes of USD$1,000 are awarded to first place winners in each of the four categories: Classical and Opera; Musical Theatre; Contemporary (Rock & Pop); and, Jazz.
An additional $500USD will go to the winner of the audience-choice vote.

Thanks to all the Participants!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all singers who brought their creativity, talent and adaptability to this competition.
We want to thank our talented judges Nicole Car, Katie Noonan, Matthew Lee Robinson and Suzi Quatro who donated their time and expertise to this project and who have selected some outstanding competition prize winners. We'd also like to thank our online audience for supporting our singers and voting.

Winners and Runners-Up of ASC@Home

Eliza Boom

ASC@Home Classical & Opera category Winner

Out of 58 entries in the Classical & Opera category of the competition, adjudicator Nicole Car selected New Zealander soprano Eliza Boom as the winner!

Matthew Dixon

ASC@Home Classical & Opera category Runner-Up

Australian baritone Matthew Dixon was selected as a Runner-Up!

Michael Petrucelli

ASC@Home Classical & Opera category Runner-Up

Australian tenor Michael Petrucelli was selected as a Runner-Up!

Stephanie Russell

ASC@Home Jazz category Winner

Out of 13 entries in the Jazz category of the competition, adjudicator Katie Noonan selected Australian alto Stephanie Russell as the winner!

Demi Louise

ASC@Home Jazz category Runner-Up

Australian soprano Demi Louise was selected as a Runner-Up!

ASC@Home Jazz category Runner-Up

Australian baritone Alec Steedman was selected as a Runner-Up!

Renae Mockler

ASC@Home Contemporary category Winner

Out of 17 entries in the Contemporary category of the competition, adjudicator Suzi Quatro selected Australian mezzo soprano Renae Mockler as the winner!

Stephen Chikazaza

ASC@Home Contemporary category Runner-Up

Zimbabwean tenor Stephen Chikazaza was selected as a Runner-Up!

Raffaele Pierno

ASC@Home Contemporary category Runner-Up

Italian tenor Raffaele Pierno was selected as a Runner-Up!

Eliza Boom

ASC@Home Musical Theatre category Winner

Out of 49 entries in the Musical Theatre category of the competition, adjudicator Matthew Lee Robinson selected New Zealander soprano Eliza Boom as the winner!

Chelsea Dawson

ASC@Home Musical Theatre category Runner-Up

Australian mezzo soprano Chelsea Dawson was selected as a Runner-Up!

Courtney Monsma

ASC@Home Musical Theatre category Runner-Up

Australian soprano Courtney Monsma was selected as a Runner-Up!

ASC@Home Audience Choice Winner

ASC@Home Classical & Opera entrant, Malaysian soprano Mabel Soong, won the Audience Choice Prize with 376 votes out of 3,753 total votes!

Lucie Kaňková

ASC@Home Audience Choice Runner-Up

ASC@Home Classical & Opera entrant, Czech soprano Lucie Kaňková, received the 2nd most Audience Choice votes with 287!

Naarah Barnes

ASC@Home Audience Choice Runner-Up

ASC@Home Musical Theatre entrant, Australian soprano Naarah Barnes, received the 3rd most Audience Choice votes with 187!

A World of Talent

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Meet the Judges

Opera & Classical Nicole Car

Nicole Car is one of the most outstanding singers to emerge from Australia in recent years. Lauded by the New York Times for her "fine-grained tone and nuanced acting", Nicole quickly established herself as one of the most brilliant stars in today‘s operatic firmament, regularly performing at top opera houses such as the Metropolitan Opera, the Paris Opera, the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.

Jazz Katie Noonan

Over the past 20 years, five-time ARIA award winning artist Katie Noonan has proven herself one of Australia’s most hard working, versatile and prolific artists. Named one of the greatest Australian singers of all time by the Herald Sun, Katie has produced 20 albums over her career with seven x platinum record sales under her belt and 25 ARIA award nominations that span diverse genres. Katie has performed for royalty, national and international leaders, and blazed a trail for young women artists. Music, for Katie, is a lifelong lesson, a generous act of giving, and a means to change the world.

Musical Theatre Matthew Lee Robinson

Matthew Lee Robinson’s “extraordinary gift for making music” (Herald Sun) spans a career as a performer, composer/lyricist and arts educator. Alongside starring turns in Opera Australia’s productions of My Fair Lady, A Little Night Music and The Pirates of Penzance, he is the composer/lyricist behind the recent U.S. premiere of Atlantis, the U.S. national tour of The Magic School Bus, and the five-time Helpmann nominated musical Metro Street. His original works have been presented in concert at Carnegie Hall, the Broadway’s Future Songbook Series, and at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and his songs appear across the AMEB Musical Theatre syllabus. Robinson is a Churchill Fellow and winner of the UTAS Stephen Schwartz Songwriting Award, the Pratt Prize for Music Theatre and the Australia Council Music Fellowship.

Contemporary Suzi Quatro

From an early age she studied classical piano and percussion, then aged 14, began an all girl band with elder sister patti, called the Pleasure Seekers. This band toured for 7 years, very successfully, releasing a few singles along the way, then changed their name to cradle in 1969. It was in this band, a couple of years later, that Mickie Most, (producer) came to a concert, and offered Suzi a solo contract. She flew to England in 1971 to begin her journey to fame. Soon after Suzi began working with now legendary songwriters Chinn and Chapman (Mike Chapman also produced), which resulted the huge hit, Can the Can, which went to number one in may 1973, and went on to sell two and a half million copies worldwide. Between 1973 and 1980, Suzi Quatro featured in the British charts for no less than 101 weeks, and has sold to date over 55 million records, and still counting. Her hits include, 48 Crash, Too Big, Devil Gate Drive, Daytona Demon, The Wild One, She’s in Love With You, Mama’s Boy, If You Can’t Give Me Love, Rock Hard, and a million seller in the u.s.a., ‘Stumblin In’ a duet with Chris Norman. From 77-79 Suzi spread her wings and landed a part on the worldwide hit t.v. series ‘Happy Days’, playing Leather Tuscadero opposite Henry Winkler and Ron Howard. She continued to act in other shows including, Minder, Dempsey and Makepeace, and more up to date, Absolutely Fabulous and Midsomer Murders.

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2020 Rules & Conditions


1.1 A competitor in the ASC @ Home Competition (“the Competition”) must be –

(i) over 18 years of age as of 20 April 2020;
(ii) an amateur or professional singer.

1.2 Entry forms must be submitted, and videos uploaded to YouTube by 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday 20 May. Entries submitted after this date will not be accepted.

1.3 All nationalities are invited to enter.

1.4 A previous winner of The Marianne Mathy Scholarship is eligible to enter.


2.1 Competitors are required to submit a completed Entry Form and the YouTube video recording of their nominated item (see Repertoire Guidelines for more information).

2.2 Completed entry forms may only be submitted online.

2.3 Though competitors may enter in more than one category, only one entry per category is allowed.

2.4 It is a condition of the Competition that all broadcast and television rights of a competitor’s performances in any stage of the Competition are freely available to MOST and ASC@Home. See 8. Information and Legals.

2.5 By entering the Competition competitors agree to comply with the Rules & Conditions. If a competitor violates the Rules & Conditions, MOST reserves the right to disqualify them from the Competition.


3.1 Competitors may perform one item of their own choice from one of the following categories (entry in more than one category is allowed):

i) Classical and Opera
ii) Musical Theatre
iii) Contemporary (rock & pop)
iv) Jazz

3.2 Entrants should give careful consideration to selecting repertoire in which they are already proficient. This should showcase vocal quality, flexibility, style, range of expression and technique.

3.3 All items must be performed from memory and in the original language.

3.4 The repertoire must not exceed performance time of 10 minutes.

3.5 Only songs for solo voice are allowed, no duets will be accepted.

3.6 Any questions regarding repertoire choice should be sent to info@mostlyopera.org before entering.


4.1 It is not necessary to have submissions professionally recorded, entrants should do their best with the equipment they have at home (videos filmed on phones are entirely acceptable).

4.2 Each work must be presented as a complete unedited take.

4.3 The recording must show the face of the applicant at all times.

4.4 The recording must be made after March 2020 and should not be edited or ‘artificially enhanced’. Post production affecting the sound quality is not permitted.

4.5 Recordings should be made at home. Audition videos filmed prior to isolation measures are not eligible and no singer should travel to another location to record their video.

4.6 Recordings should be uploaded to YouTube privacy set to “Public”.

4.7 Videos should be titled ASC@Home 2020 “Your Name” – “Category”.
For example, were you named Joe Blogs and were submitting your entry in the Musical Theatre Category, your video would be titled: ASC@Home 2020 Joe Blogs – Musical Theatre

4.8 MOST and the ASC will not be held responsible for any video which is removed by YouTube for copyright violations.

4.9 Only one video recording is required for the entirety of the competition.


5.1 Competitors should be accompanied by a backing track or by the singer themselves on an appropriate instrument. Please ensure that backing tracks are legally purchased and licensed.

5.2 To keep with the spirit of the Competition, and to adhere to social distancing measures, no accompanist should appear in the same room as the singer. You may perform with an accompanist via video conferencing or similar.


6.1 The Entry Form requires a competitor to provide information, including:

•           Name and contact details;

•           Entry category;

•           Social media contacts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.);

•           High resolution headshot/photograph (2Mb or larger);

•           Proof of age;

•           Citizenship or residency details;

•           Repertoire; and,

•           Consent & declaration


7.1 Entries will be received between 20 April and 20 May.

7.2 Entries will be sorted into relevant categories and playlists will be compiled on the Australian Singing Competition’s YouTube Channel, mostgivesmore.

7.3 Public voting round commences Monday 25 May. Votes must be submitted through the official voting form on ascathome.org

7.4 Winners announced Wednesday 1 July on our website and via newsletter. Winners will be contacted via email.


8.1 All entries each category will be judged by internationally-renowned industry professionals. They are:

i) Opera and Classical: Nicole Car
ii) Musical Theatre: Matthew Lee Robinson
iii) Contemporary: Suzi Quatro
iv) Jazz: Katie Noonan

8.2 An audience choice voting round will commence 25 May. The winner of this vote will receive a prize of $500USD.

8.3 In all matters that may occur during the Competition, decisions of the Judges and/or Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd (MOST®) shall be final.


9.1 There will be one winner in each category.

9.2 Each winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000USD

9.3 All winners, and two runners up in each category will receive a printed certificate.



10.1 MOST® has the right to record and retain Material uploaded for all stages of the Competition for archival or promotional purposes (“the Material”). MOST® has the right to retain the Material on websites or any other analogue or electronic/digital media without fee to the singer and any personal information relating to the Competition. Broadcast, and narrowcast rights remain with MOST® and the Competition.

10.2 MOST® has the right to distribute, post the Material in any medium (including and without limitation on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr), in whole or in part for an unlimited period, without remuneration, for the purpose of promoting MOST® or the Australian Singing Competition and associated entities.

10.3 The Competition and MOST® have permission to use the Material in any way that may otherwise infringe an entrant’s moral rights pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), including but not limited to, an entrant’s moral rights associated with their live performance in ASC@Home when used for any promotion or publicity of MOST® or the Competition in any media without limitation for an unlimited period.

10.4 All approaches to the media must be made through and with the approval of MOST®. Competitors will be required to be available for media calls by arrangement.

Updated 10:30am 25 May 2020

MOST® and the Australian Singing Competition reserve the right to make changes without notice.



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